• Sales network

    Stadium has an experienced team, including key account managers, sales managers, and POS managers covering the Spanish and Portuguese markets, with fluent and excellent relations with the retail sector in both countries.
  • Cold-chain logistics

    We guarantee product care, ensuring that products are always kept between 0 and 8º C, from their preparation to their placement on the shop shelf.
  • Distribution

    With our hub-and-spoke model built around our logistics centre in Madrid, we can offer 24-hour shipping anywhere in the peninsula.
  • POS Management

    The right POS display is key to a product’s success. Crowding, ordering issues and poor product visibility on the shelf can cause even the best strategies to fail. Monitoring and the smart use of promotions combined with the synergies our team develops with shop personnel greatly facilitate target achievement.
  • Quality

    Our Quality Department makes sure that all of our marketed products meet the strictest quality requirements, ensuring the best product flavour, colour, texture and smell. We work thoroughly with our partners to develop, innovate and surprise consumers with new healthy products.
  • Communication

    Thanks to our communication and advertising team, our (private-label) brands, such as Pom’bel, also benefit from an on- and offline media plan, with a unique and carefully curated identity, to publicise the product and remain market leaders.
  • Branding

    Our marketing department can design packaging graphics from scratch and make the necessary modifications to tailor them to any market or language, always in close collaboration with the regional agent or distributor.
  • Import and export

    Stadium Innovation exports its products to countries such as Portugal, Finland, the Baltics and Ukraine. Exports are one of our main strategic lines for growth in the coming years.
  • How do we work?

    Stadium Innovation helps you develop your brand or idea.
    We aim to respond to trends in the refrigerated fruit and vegetable market with minimally processed and precooked convenience foods. Since our founding in 2005, we have been committed to technological innovation and quality, offering a range of innovative, healthy and natural products.

    • We zero in on product concepts

      We identify innovative, healthy products to implement in Spain and Portugal. Our priority is to be open to new national and international brands seeking to expand their distribution and business networks.
    • Market study

      We determine the best strategy for the product/category, providing additional design and communication support. We develop a proposal for a custom positioning plan, with viable and appealing marketing.
    • Presentation to retailers

      Our excellent relations with the Spanish and Portuguese retail sectors afford us direct and frequent access to key point people at all the main national and regional chains.
    • Launch plan

      Once a product has been validated and approved by the Stadium Innovation team, it means the process stands a very good chance of culminating in its powerful implementation throughout most of the retail sector. Our key account sales team will present the product.
    • Follow-up

      We ensure excellent control and monitoring of all operations through a highly effective customer service aligned with the defined marketing strategy, our cold-chain logistics, a nationwide 24h delivery service, and our team’s point-of-sale management.